Engagement and Pre Wedding Photography for Hong Kong and Overseas

In KC Professional Photography, our approach for prewedding photos is very loose and usually involves some hugging, a few piggy-back rides and a dash of legal trespassing, just enough to get the blood flowing. We think that engagement photography should show personalities and love in a way that is unique to you.

Our approach to pre wedding photo shoots

While we have a lot of favourite spots to shoot at, including nature inspired, urban and artsy/ colourful, we are always up for finding new, unique spots. We'll get great images no matter where we shoot. After all, it's the chemistry that matters, not the location. 

You can bring props if you want - something that might make your session more personal and uniquely you. From colourful balloons to your favourite toy, we'll be up for almost anything, so don't be shy if you have a fun idea. If you want to run a creative idea by us, just let us know. 

Whether it’s where you’d normally go in Hong Kong or your most desired overseas destination, just remember to be playful and have fun during the pre wedding photo session; the more natural and comfortable you are with each other, the more the images will be a true reflection of your relationship. Hold hands...laugh...and kiss a lot!

If you would like to talk to me about photographing your wedding, all you need to do is to send me an email or send me a note using the form in the contact page.

Get in touch

If you would like to talk to us about photographing your pre wedding photos, whether it’s in Hong Kong or overseas, all you need to do is to send us an email or send us a note using the form in the contact page.

Overseas Wedding Photos

Due the the number of requests for overseas wedding photo, I have decided to share my recent and upcoming schedule here. You are most welcome to suggest your favourite location.

25 May - 28 May 17: Santorini (Full)

11 Jun - 16 Jun 17: London (Full)

17 Jun - 22 Jul 17: Paris (Available)

25 Sep - 28 Sep 17: Bali  (Full)

16 Jul - 29 Jul 17: Paris (Available)

1 Aug - 13 Aug 17: LA (Available)

22 Aug - 29 Aug 17: Santorini (Available)

12 Oct – 16 Oct 17: Shanghai (Available)


What my client say about my wedding photos

Jasmine and Alan, 12 Apr 2017

"To be able to shoot heart warming photos, it's not just the photographer's talent and techniques that count, but also a combination of a passionate and kind heart. KC is someone who patiently takes time to understand what you want, someone who openly discusses with you about his vision, someone who tries hard to deliver his very best for you!
From pre-wedding to big day to family photoshoot, KC never fails to deliver beyond our expectation!! Thanks for being there to capture all these important milestones for us!"   

Tammy and Timothy, 24 Feb 2017

We are extremely fortunate to have found such a professional yet passionate photographer, KC, he has made our engagement shooting session an enjoyable, relaxing but very importantly his amazing work does impress us! We do look forward to having him as our wedding photographer on our big day! I'd definitely recommend him to any couples who're looking for the best photographer in town!

Dianne Tran, 23 Feb 2017

"Having KC photograph our Hong Kong registry ceremony was one of the best decisions I could have made! His friendly yet unobtrusive manner completely put us at ease throughout the time he was with us. He totally exceeded all my expectations and he has this unbelievable skill of making a mundane/everyday setting seem so romantic and special in his photos. He managed to capture the most beautiful moments for us and give us lasting memories of the day."  

Tiffany and Andy, 22 Nov 2016

We really enjoyed working with KC and we are very satisfied with the photographs he took of us. The angles and the moments he captures are genuine reflections of our personalities and I especially love the colour and tones of the photos, they are very natural. KC is very passionate about his work and his enthusiasm, knowledge and experience are certainly demonstrated in the photos, especially in the use of composition and lighting.

Sylvia and Derrick, 1 Nov 2016

KC and his whole crew are hands down THE BEST. 

KC really puts his whole heart into it and really cares. Due to Typhoon Haima there was a chance his flights would be in jeopardy and he reached out to us to figure out a back up plan to make sure he was there with us at our destination wedding. 

And the day of, it was super hot but it didn't stop him to go above and beyond to get the shots - as evidenced by his totally soaked shirts and 3 changes of clothes! Not only that - him and his photography and videography team really have such vision, real storytellers. They have captured the essence of who we are and of our wedding day. And everyone on his team are so lovely to work with, so helpful.

KC and Team - a HUGE THANK YOU, we absolutely LOVE the photos and the videos, it really brings us back to that special day