Overseas Wedding Photography 

It isn't just the photos, it's the memories

At KC Professional Photography, we feel that photographing a wedding is an honor and we work extremely hard to make sure that your experience with us begins and ends with a smile, each and every time.

With a creative eye and a bit of genius, our passion for the craft goes beyond simply recording, each photo is a tangible piece of your memories you can hold in your hands and reminisce over again and again. 

Having a photographer that clicks with you on a personal level is as important as any other decisions that you make in planning your overseas wedding. He needs to be someone you can trust, whom you know will laugh with you and to capture all those timeless moments you wish to live again.

We'd like to think of ourselves as part of your guests, so we are having a lot of fun too. Afterall, it isn't just the photos, it's the memories.

If you would like to talk to me about photographing your overseas wedding, all you need to do is to send me an email or a note using the form in the contact page.

How do I shoot?

I specialise in what I would describe as a natural, story-telling style of wedding photography. It's those unnoticed moments that make the whole event come into life. The wedding should be about you both, but no one else. Each wedding should has its own special character and so communication is also an important element of my work.

As for pre wedding photos, my approach is very loose and usually involves some hugging, a few piggy-back rides and a dash of legal trespassing, just enough to get the blood flowing.

Overseas Engagement Portraits

Due the the number of requests for overseas wedding portraits, I have decided to share my recent and upcoming schedule here. You are most welcome to suggest your preferred location for your overseas wedding, and I would be happy to tailor a special experience just for you.

25 May - 28 May 17: Santorini (Full)

11 Jun - 16 Jun 17: London (Full)

17 Jun - 22 Jul 17: Paris (Available)

25 Sep - 28 Sep 17: Bali  (Full)

16 Jul - 29 Jul 17: Paris (Available)

1 Aug - 13 Aug 17: LA (Available)

22 Aug - 29 Aug 17: Santorini (Available)

12 Oct – 16 Oct 17: Shanghai (Available)